Dry Lambrusco is an amazing food wine that can go with just about anything. A few weeks ago we posted our ideas [Add hyperlink to Real Food Meets] of great food matches for Lambrusco.  But, we thought we would augment our opinion by going directly to the source. . .

So, we asked three prominent people from Emilia-Romagna to tell us their favorite Lambrusco and food matches.  We asked a winemaker, a sommelier, and the owners of a recognized Emilia-Romagna restaurant.  Their answers are below. Explore, enjoy, and drink real wine!



Paola Rinaldini is the winemaker at Rinaldini. She makes two stellar dry Lambruscos: PJCOL Ross and Vecchio Moro.

“First of all I have to point out that Lambrusco is a wine that you can match with a large range of food. I venture to say, if you let me, that it’s the most versatile wine of all. Especially Pjcol Ross, a dry Lambrusco which marries beautifully even with fish dishes. For this reason, it’s difficult for me to give you just one answer… so I’ll tell you what I prefer in every season:

Winter: Mixed boiled meat (beef, capon, calf’s head, tongue, zampone (pig’s trotter stuffed with minced pork meat and spices), and cotechino (large boiled pork sausage) matched with homemade sauces and mostarda (pickled candied fruit and vegetables in a spicy syrup).

Spring: The first fruits of the season – the time when you can find those white sweet onions. I use them to create a rich delicious omelette, cooked with butter, which gives a divine taste (despite the cholesterol!) … And there is nothing better with it than a glass of Lambrusco!

Summer: An unusual match – but for me it is excellent: Stewed octopus.

Fall: A dish of  “tagliatelle” (noodles) where the protagonist is Lambrusco! I prefer a tagliatelle with a sauce made with Lambrusco Vecchio Moro and chopped fresh salami.”



Lara Zini is the Vice-President of the Italian Sommeliers’ Association of Emilia Romagna.

“Lambrusco is a wine of long tradition, full of solidity and strength. In particular, Pjcol Ross has a complex and intense bouquet that ranges from wild plum sauce to little juniper berries and ethereal notes of sealing wax. Considering these premises, we should match it with important dishes, even if the wine is never lacking of seductive and lively taste.

My favorite food matches for Lambrusco are: risotto with sausage, stewed game cooked in red wine with polenta, or matched simply with mature Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.”



Restauranteurs Camillo and Daniele, the two owners of La Ghironda in Montecchio, really love Lambrusco for cooking special dishes at the restaurant.

Their favorite dishes are:

Brasato di guancialini di manzo al Pjcol Ross (Stewed beef cheeks with Pjcol Ross)


Anatra arrosto in confit con salsa di mosto e Pjcol Ross (Roast duck confit with must sauce and Pjcol Ross)


Disclosure: We import Paola Rinaldini”s two dry Lambrusco”s (PJCOL Ross and Vecchio Moro).  For our latest offer of Paola”s wines go here.  For a full profile of the Rinaldini Winery go here.