A young group of winemakers in Prosecco have returned to their roots and are making bottle fermented, lees aged Prosecco in the traditional way.

The wines are called ‘col fundo’ because they are aged on the lees and the sediment is left in the bottle. These wines are the ‘real’ Prosecco – not the banana flavoured commerical yeast ones that dominate the Canadian market. The method to make them is called method ancestrale and it refers to refermentation in the bottle without adding extra sugar.

These wines are salty and linear – while at the same time being fun to drink (by the case)!

For a post on this emerging Col Fondo movement in Prosecco check out this post from dobianchi.

Sedimentary is importing two of the best examples of Col Fundo prosecco:  Zanotto and Costadila.

Give us a shout if you want to try them.

– Matt and Mike