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For many year we drank Vincent Gaudry’s Sancerres in some of the best restaurants and wine bars in Paris and London – and every time we drank one of his wines we regretted not yet having met him (he does not go to the usual wine fairs). Each year we were sure someone would ‘find’ him and our ship would have sailed, but… we finally met with Vincent and are so happy to be able to now drink his wines at home. His wines are serious but just so darn delicious – they check a lot of boxes for us. 

In the tiny hamlet of “Le Petit Chambre”, part of the town of Sury en Vaux in Sancerrois we find Vincent Gaudry’s winery. The Domaine has passed from father to son for several generations and now in Vincent’s hands has completed the transfer to full biodynamic farming and Demeter certification. 

The estate consists of just 8 hectares of limestone and marl soils, planted with 90% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Pinot Noir. The vines, averaging 35 years in age are cared for meticulously and the harvest is entirely manual. Vinification is temperature controlled and the wines are aged on the lees for several months before being bottled. No artificial enzymes, yeasts or additives are used, the wines are unfiltered and bottled according to the lunar calendar.

Melodie vineyard Gaudry 2023

Vincent’s guiding principle is ‘trust in nature’ and recommends approaching wine ‘as humbly as possible.’ He says ‘wine is happiness, a moment of pleasure of sharing, of conviviality and of coming-together’ – and his wine speaks for itself. One of those small, reasonably priced producers, he’s not on the radar (yet) of many wine drinkers but we have a feeling that won’t last. He has a special passion for the expression of terroir and in his pursuit of natural farming. He has also pioneered new methods of biodynamic farming that has earned him a following and a reputation among his peers – definitely a rising star of Loire winemaking.

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