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Maison Sarnin-Berrux, the dynamic négociant partnership forged by the passion and determination of Jean-Pascal Sarnin and Jean-Marie Berrux. United by a shared love for wine and a desire for a meaningful career change, these two visionaries abandoned their respective roles in finance and communications/advertising to embark on a journey into the heart of Burgundy’s winemaking traditions.

Jean-Pascal, with his background in finance in the bustling city of Paris, sought a life closer to family and the tranquility of the vineyards. Meanwhile, Jean-Marie, leaving behind the world of communications and advertising, found himself drawn to the vineyards of Arbois and Saint-Romain, eager to collaborate with the talented winemakers of the region.

Maison Sarnin-Berrux distinguishes itself by a steadfast commitment to crafting only natural wines, a formidable undertaking in the esteemed region of Burgundy. As newcomers to the market and outsiders to the Burgundian heritage, Jean-Pascal and Jean-Marie faced challenges that only fueled their determination to succeed.

The bedrock of their winemaking philosophy lies in sustainable development and environmental respect. Embracing organic grapes sourced from small producers, the duo practices low-intervention winemaking, eschewing the use of enzymes, yeast, or filtration. The addition of only minimal sulphites before bottling ensures the wines’ protection during transport and cellaring.

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From humble beginnings with a modest production of a single wine, Maison Sarnin-Berrux has burgeoned into an annual output of approximately 15,000 bottles. The portfolio proudly features nine distinct wines, with seven village appellations including Beaune and Saint-Romain (white and red), white Meursault, white Saint-Aubin, and white Savigny-lès-Beaune. Complementing these are a Bourgogne rouge and a vin de table crafted from grenache. Notably, Jean-Marie Berrux also showcases his dedication with a white Bourgogne produced from his personal vineyard.

Maison Sarnin-Berrux invites you to savor not just a bottle of wine, but a testament to the unwavering dedication, respect for tradition, and pioneering spirit of its founders. With every sip, experience the essence of Burgundy, as interpreted through the lens of two individuals who dared to pursue their dreams in the world of natural winemaking.

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