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  • make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

These wines are something truly special.  You can always feel good whenever you buy a Sedimentary Wine because we only support the people who are doing things the right way.  But, these wines, they won’t just make you feel good – they may bring a tear to your eye.  They are that special. These wines are not only great tasting, made naturally, and well priced, but they are also made by an organization that is providing autonomy for people with disabilities.

It all started when parents came to Guilio Bagnale for a way to help their disabled children when the time came that they would no longer be there to provide for them. As president of the Aias Melfi-Matera assocation for families of disabled children in Barile, Guilio took this to heart. A food and wine professional by trade, he brought these concerns and an idea to Alessandro Bocchetti – a food and wine journalist and also the father of an autistic son. And so the project Le Nuvole was created – to give ‘little wings’ – “Piccole ali” – job placement and independence to people from areas of hardship and social exclusion. 

Guilio and Alessandro knew from experience that people with disabilities are able to face and overcome difficulties, especially in occupations involving agriculture and animals – as these have a regular, repetitive and rhythmic element that facilitates learning and development. 

Le Nuvole, Arteteke

And so the journey of Le Nuvole began in 2013 – a long and winding beaurocratic road that saw the first wines produced from the land in Vulture, (gifted to the Aias Melfi-Matera association) made in Abruzzo – a helping hand given to Le Nuvole from Valle Reale di Popoli, and also where their first employee, Lino was accepted into the company. Lino’s work ethic became an inspiration for everyone – he was the first to arrive, the last to leave – creating renewed energy in the company.

In 2017 the search for a winery ended with the acquisition of some old cellars in the center of Barile and a commercial boost from a listing in the catalog of Le Caves de Pyrenes. And Lino is now the principal winemaker with a vineyard team of his own.

Le Nuvole produces organic wines from native vines – Aglianico del Vulture, Malvasia, Moscato di Rapolla. Stewardship of the land is taken to heart – the vineyards are farmed organically, grapes are hand harvested and sorted; fermentation always spontaneous and done in cement tanks; winemaking is without manipulation.

A simple story with a simple goal and a clear message – how this act of giving to those less fortunate is producing a powerful outcome for many by creating opportunity for those with disadvantages to succeed like everyone else.

And the wines? Simply put, they’re downright delicious. Food for the soul.

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