Comte Abbatucci
Comte Abbatucci


Collectively, Abbatucci’s wines will stretch your palate, your imagination,and even your notions about what wine is or can be.

– David Schildknecht

These wines are very compelling and we believe that they are the ideal Sedimentary wines: world-class quality – made the right way.

David Schildknecht agrees with us and he ranks Abbatucci’s wines among the best wines he tasted last year. Here are some of the things he said:

Cuvee Faustine Rose –

I can’t recall ever tasting a finer rose, and it certainly counts as an outstanding value . . .

Cuvée de Général –

 . . . is among the handful of most profoundly (not to mention improbably) beautiful and delicious white wines that I’ve tasted in the past several years. . .

He gave the 2010 Cuvée du Ministre – 97 points

He gave the 2010 Cuvée du Général – 96 points.

For us – what sets the Abbatucci wines apart is an amazing density of fruit combined with a shocking transparency of terroir – you can almost taste the pink granite on the Vermentino (Cuvée Faustine – Blanc).

What makes them even more incredible is that they are made from unheard of indigenous grapes on the Island of Corsica by a wine-making family with deep historical and cultural roots that delve back to heroes of the French Revolution.

The estate is located on the island of Corsica on 100 hectares of pink granite soil. It has been certified biodynamic since 2000. Only 18 hectares are put to vines – the rest is dedicated to a poly-culture farm complete with sheep grazing through the vineyards, olives trees on ancient terraces, and large untouched tracts of forest. All the grapes are harvested by hand.

In the 1960s, the family saved many indigenous Corsican grapes from extinction by collecting cuttings from peasant farmers high up in the mountains of Corsica and planting them on their estate: Vermentino, Sciacarello, Nieuluccio, Barbarossa, Rimenese, Rossiola Bianca, to name a few. The grapes from these cuttings were planted in a single vineyard between 1960 and 1962. The vines in that vineyard are now used to make the Cuvée Collection – a set of three wines of unbelievable quality of which there are less than 1,500 bottles of each per year: Cuvée du Général, Cuvée du Diplomate, Cuvée du Ministre. The family also practices selection massale with these vines for their own estate and provides cuttings to vignerons across the Island of Corsica – in order to preserve the wine-making heritage of the Corsica.

Today – the Abbatucci may not be generals – but to us, they are heroes of a different kind.

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