Le Comptoir, one of the hottest new restaurants in Montreal, has featured wines by Frank Cornelissen and Teobaldo Cappellano on its New Year’s Eve menu.  Le Comptoir was named the 9th best new restaurant in Canada in 2011 by enRoute magazine and it specializes in charcuterie and wine.

Yesterday, Le Comptoir announced on their facebook page that they would be serving:

Frank Cornelissen Munjabel Bianco with Veal Loin Tataki with Pickled Radish and Sage Popcorn Sweetbreads.

Teobaldo Cappellano Barbera D”Alba with Smoked Duck with Sauteed Chanterelles,  Glazed Onions, and Seared Foie Gras.

You can view the complete New Years Eve menu on their facebook page. It is also attached below.

If you live in Vancouver try to ignore the fact that the 7-course New Year”s dinner at one of the best restaurants in Montreal is only $65.  It”s painful but it”s true. The fact that these naturalist winemaking icons on being featured on the New Year”s menu of such a trend setting restaurant is further evidence that natural wines are growing in popularity in Canada.  We still have not seen as much interest in Vancouver or Victoria as we have in other cities like Paris, San Francisco, and Montreal – but given the rapid growth of consumption of natural wines elsewhere – it is really just a matter of time before they arrive in British Columbia en force.

Disclosure:  We import both Frank Cornelissen and Teobaldo Cappellano’s wines.  For our latest offer from Cornelissen go here.  For our latest offer from Cappellano do here.