Is the past becoming the future?

In some wine-making circles maverick wine-makers are looking to the past to conceive of the future  (think fermentation in amphorae clay vessels).

This method of innovation may also be used to re-think the glasses we use to drink wine.  Beppi Crosarial from the Globe and Mail recently did a piece on clay drinking vessels for wine in response to a question he got from a reader: “Will unglazed clay goblets improve ”economical” red wines?”.  In his response Beppi  pointed out that there might be some scientific evidence supporting the fact that young red wines may taste better from clay vessels because certain types of clay can bind to tannins and remove them from the wine.  Although, he admits the effect may be subtle. He also mentioned that there are a number of mavericks in Europe that are experimenting with fermentation in clay.

It just so happens that Josko Gravner is one of the mavericks that Beppi mentions in his piece and Josko recently sent us pictures of the new wine glass he has designed. (To see our recent interview of Josko Gravner and why he started fermenting in clay amphorae go here.)

The glass is based on the old cups of baked earth that people used to drink wine from 5,000 years ago.  Josko Gravner believes that these wine cups are the best way in which to enjoy his amphorae wines.

We are not as sure that these glasses will make your wine taste better. But, if you live in British Columbia and want some of these glasses to give them a try – let us know – we will be glad to order some for you.

Disclosure: We import Josko Gravner”s wines.  To see our latest offer go here.