Eric Texier Wines, Sedimentary Wines

We’ve received the 2015 Harvest Report from Éric Texier, an update on his recent white and red bottling’s and Plans for 2016, including upcoming new wines from Éric’s son Martin, a new vinification facility in St.-Julien and potentially acquiring new vineyards.

He describes the whites as “so out of the ordinary this year that we don’t even have the framework to expect what they will taste like.” and the reds as “ripe but not overripe, more balanced than 2009 and without the enormous tannic structure of 2005.”

All this and a couple of micro-cuvées – Grenache Gris from Tom Lubbe (of Domaine Matassa) and some Serine (a rare and special clone of Syrah) from Clusel-Roch, re-grafted onto Saint-Julien.

Eric Texier Harvest 2015, Sedimentary Wines

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Newsletter Harvest 2015

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