Sedimentary Wines . . . our first blog post. So, what to write about and what”s this all about anyways?

Let’s start with what this blog will be and what you can expect and not expect if you follow it.

Firstly, if you”re here you can access our website (hopefully) and read all about our importing business and vision. So we won’t talk about that (too much).

Secondly, we will not proselytize about how we think wine should be made or drank or talked about etc etc. We can do that in person over a few drinks.

Thirdly, this blog will not be updated on a daily basis, it will not pander, and it will not always be the best well written (point in case). We will have ”regular” updates and it will have some pretty awesome contributors…..guys like Cornelissen, Radikon, and hopefully Gravner and maybe even you, once you”ve been vetted.

We are going to talk about wine, and how it’s made, and why it’s made and where it takes us and why it’s important to let it take us there (uh oh, just got a blip on the sappy wine radar). More to the point, it will be about the wine peripheral. The things we find because of wine and the people that are attracted to its many facets: politics, farming, food safety, health, history, chemistry and saying ‘I don’t know’ on a regular basis. You know, the good stuff!

But it will also be fun. That we promise you (without parenthesis this time). ‘Cause that’s what it’s all about.

If you’re still reading you”re a trooper. Stay tuned.