1. indulge in daydreaming about something desired.

We’ve just received news on the Devanvolo 2015 harvest from Guilio Armani and would like to share it with you so you can begin fantasizing about how fantastic they are going to taste when released!

Meanwhile our latest Offer for Denavolo can be found here, featuring the 2013 Catavela and 2010 Dinavolo.


2015 Harvest Report:

The 2015 harvests were made at Denavolo in 3 days from August 31st to September 2nd. The young vineyards: Cassinera and Campo Rotonde plots will produce Catavela, and Debe the older vineyard will produce Dinavolo.

2015 is a very solar vintage, and the skin contact and time of maturing on lees will be precisely decided in order to keep a good balance in
the wine and a freshness in mouth…all Guilio Armani’s master job!

Unfortunately, this is a poor vintage for quantities with one third less than what we got in 2014.

Catavela 2015:

Like the two previous years, one half has been directly pressed and the other half has made a skin contact maceration. The potential alcohol degree is 13% and the grapes are very concentrated – the fermentation goes slowly. We should have a great expressive Catavela.

Dinavolo 2015:

This is the good news! There will be a 2015 production of Dinavolo which hasn’t been made since 2010! All grapes are coming from the Debe plot, the older vines, which didn’t suffer at all from a loss of acidity. This is the direct advantage of older vines which have developed a better root system.

Dinavolino 2015:

For this wine, all grapes have been de-stemmed and crushed before going in the vat. Guilio Armani will monitor very precisely the time of skin contact in order to moderate the extraction since alcohol facilitates it.

The maturing on less could also be short in order to keep a good tension in the wine.