Mike and Matt

The Sedimentary Wine Blog is the cooperative effort of a number of dedicated people who have an interest in wines that are good for nature, the winemakers, and ourselves.  Think natural, biodynamic, or organic wines.

Our contributors include:

Michael Cody is a wine importer who will spend most of his time telling you he is not.  He has delusions of having been a lawyer, business executive, PhD student, and amateur social psychologist.  What is real – is that he travels to Europe often to taste wines – and he is dedicated to finding profound wines that will challenge your assumptions about the way we interact with nature.



Matt Sherlock has been in the wine business since he was old enough to drink (which is a subjective age to him).  He is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Nichol Vineyard, co-owner of Lock & Worth, and a partner in a wine import company. He worked previously in the wine retail business in Vancouver and making wine in New Zealand.  He will pontificate about wine, good wine – that is, for as long as you have the tolerance to listen.